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Benchmarks and tests

Benchmarks and tests

Even if the Intel i5-14600KF processor cannot show its full potential on the B760 chipset, it is possible to optimize it in order to gain in temperature and to apply a coefficient setting at its maximum authorized by the Intel B760 chipset of 53 on the core performance of 40 on the core Efficient and thus set a fixed voltage as well as a load line calibration of 6 in order to reduce the Vdroop (voltage difference between idle and full load)

When a processor is fully loaded, it consumes much more current, so the voltage drop also increases.

With this in mind, the cpu remains at 5300 mhz in the full-load benchmark on Cinebench R23, posting a score of 25326 in multi-thread, 10315 in multi-thread and 857 in single-thread on the cpuz bench.

The Timespy cpu benchmark displays 20,000 points, which is also pretty decent.

On Aida64, the 7400c34 profile also does very well, with scores averaging 110 the 110 GB/s and a latency of 52,

You’ll also notice that temperature-wise, the cpu profile is rather efficient, with a difference of around 10 degrees on the Performance cores and 6 degrees on the Efficient cores of the 14600KF, which is really quite appreciable for a processor on a B760 chipset.

Graphical and global benchmarks like Timespy are doing very well, I managed to take first place on Timespy in this category as I write these words and some second place behind our colleague JapWhite on Port Royal and Firestrike, he had a better sample than me for sure 😉