[Tweak League] Les optis de Matusalem


The operating system

The operating system :

  • First step: installation of the Windows operating system. In this case, we’ll be using Windows 11. Once you’ve installed it properly, you’ll need to optimize it to improve performance and overall latency (input lag, DCP latency), for greater responsiveness in games. But first, I recommend that you perform all system updates before making any modifications.

Windows 11 optimisation 1

  • Tweak 1: ReviOS I use a program that modifies the operating system after installation. It’s called ReviOs and includes 2 files to download, a playbook and the AME wizard program. This handy tool was created by the developers of Windows Ameliorated. With it, there’s no need to modify the Windows iso image, just install Windows 11 and follow the ReviOs installation instructions to get a custom system free of the frills and bloatware that unfortunately populate Windows.

You’ll find the tool here: https://revi.cc/revios/download/

Once installation is complete, the system reboots on its own and we’re back under Revios, with the first boot requiring a file scan. This is an important step after a major system update. To do this, open the terminal or powershell in admin mode and type the command sfc/scannow, which will indicate that corrupted files have been repaired.

  • Tweak 2: Chris Titus

Then I personally use a tool to finish optimizing the system and get quick access to Windows settings, thanks to Chris Titus’ tool.

It’s not directly downloadable, but can be retrieved as an admin command via powershell or terminal. It can also be set as a desktop shortcut for easier access.

Now that ReviOs is installed, all that’s left to do is install the necessary drivers and programs. You’ll be able to fine-tune certain settings, which with the ReviOs panel will be much easier to access. Its unique control panel is a real plus, allowing you to manage essential options for security, performance and ergonomics. I really liked it – it’s ergonomic and multilingual.

A driver can be optimized, especially the graphics card driver, in this case an Asus RTX 4060 Dual OC. I recommend a program called NVcleaninstal to do the job: it removes bloatware overlays such as Geforce Experience, which are useless for my use, and modifies certain NVIDIA driver parameters

And finally, to optimize application latency, I use the SetTimerResolution tweak (Windows 11 only), as well as a latency test with Latencymon