Towards 2.9 GHz for the RTX 5090?


Another rumor from the Chiphell forum about the future RTX 5090. This time, the rumor is not about the GPU’s characteristics, but about its frequencies. If all this proves true, we can expect very high frequencies from this card!

RTX 5090: a rumored 2.9 GHz!

NB: this image was not created by an AI 🙂

According to forum member Panzerlied, the card’s frequency is around 2.9 GHz. What’s more, we’re not talking about boost frequency here, but base frequency. In other words, under the right thermal and power conditions, the card can easily break through the 3 GHz barrier.

RTX 5090 fréquence

To give you an idea, an RTX 4090 is currently rated at 2235 MHz with a boost to 2520 MHz… And these are the reference specifications. Some custom cards can also exceed 3 GHz, depending on conditions. Finally, in the case of this 2.9 GHz RTX 5090, the base frequency would jump by 30%!


For the moment, the rest of the GPU ‘s characteristics are open to debate, as they vary widely. At present, Wccftech is talking about a GB202 card equipped with 28 GB of GDDR7 memory on a 448-bit bus. It should be noted that the complete chip would benefit from 192 SM and a 512-bit memory bus. In short, it remains to be seen what NVIDIA’s official specifications will be.

For the moment, we’re expecting the card to be launched at the end of 2024, at the same time as the RTX 5080? Stay tuned.

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