Top 5 CPUs of the year (2021)


Conclusion: The CPU market in 2021

The CPU market in 2021 : Overview

Even if the situation was not as tense as in the graphics card market, it was still a difficult year. As we mentioned when talking about AMD, the Team Red have had to make choices and have also sacrificed segments of the market in favour of their profitability.

It is also difficult to sum up 2021 by noting that Intel’s almost “smashing” comeback is taking place in the last weeks of this year. But this comeback is good. It brings real novelties and above all will stimulate the competition.

So what are the prospects for 2022? It’s hard to say. We know that AMD will try to limit the damage with a last round of Zen3 and that Zen 4 and DDR5 solutions will follow. For the moment, the timing is still uncertain. Some say spring, others say last quarter of 2022.

In the meantime, Intel will also continue to move forward and if Raptor Lake was mentionned as a simple update of Alder Lake, it might not really be the case.

But we’ll tell you all about it before the end of the year, of course.