Top 5 CPUs of the year (2021)


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The « Enthusiast » CPU of 2021 : Intel Core i9-12900K

Best Choice OCC-12900k -> Intel i9-12900K prices

When the heart of an enthusiast talks, it is picky with numbers. Performance often becomes the only reference point, price, an almost secondary concern. But we have to say that when it comes to performance, Intel makes everyone agree.

The 12900K is a killer and its potential is not yet fully explored yet. This is due to a weak DDR5 at the moment. Intel’s new top-of-the-range processor demolishes everything, leaving a few crumbs to the Ryzen 5950X in multi…and still.

Box presse Alder Lake-> Intel i9-12900K prices

The 12900K will make you pay for this passion, with Z690 cards that are currently priced insanely high, a “solid” watercooling solution becomes essentiel, and DDR5 (putting the  DDR4 option aside) that is slow to arrive and which kits are remarkable for their price, not their performance so far.

However, we’re starting to have fun and we can see that this CPU still has a lot to offer.The first refined kits allow us to go even further and we will keep you informed by regularly reviewing the new features and to discover the untapped potential of this CPU.

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