The Ryzen 9 9900X listed on Geekbench!


After being spotted on Cinebench R23, the Ryzen 9 9900X is back in the news with scores on… Geekbench. This time, we know the single-core score that rivals a Core i9 14900KS, Intel’s biggest CPU today.

Ryzen 9 9900X: more perf than a Core i9 14900KS in single core!

In this test, the CPU was tested under Geekbench 6 on a ROG Maximus X670E Gene motherboard, coupled with a total of 32 GB RAM.

Ryzen 9 9900X GeekBench 6

With this configuration, the machine achieved a score of 3401 pts in single core, against 19,756 pts in multi-core. Clearly an impressive performer, outperforming an Intel Core i9 14900KS. By way of example, the blue team’s CPU scores 3189 pts in single-core mode.


However, while this Ryzen performs very well in single-core mode, it lags behind in multi-core mode. In these conditions, the 14900KS scores higher with 21,890 pts.

Compared with the previous generation, the 7900X clearly dominates, with 2925 pts in single-core mode and 17849 pts in multi-core mode, all for a much higher TDP: 170W vs. 150W.

On the Intel side, it all depends on how the CPU was configured at the time of the readings, since the CPU displays two values. PL1 at 125W, which is the basic consumption, and PL2 at 253W, which represents the consumption limit over a short period of time. However, until very recently, these limits were derisked to allow for maximum performance with a consequent impact on stability. However, according to our colleagues, it would appear that the CPU has been tested according to Intel’s basic profile.

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