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Nvidia’s gruel


Nvidia will announce new RTX 30 in the next few days…

Some people will probably say that we are used to spend our nerves on Nvidia… But if we had decided to stop, Nvidia, like Régis, does not stop. As announced for weeks, after the RTX 2060 which will solve the problems of shortages, Nvidia will launch new cards in the next few days, for the CES 2022.

RTX range: more references than stock

Indeed, our friends at Videocardz were able to get a confirmation of the launch of the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, the next very high-end card, which will be officially announced on January 4. This “rare” product will arrive in stores on January 27…Or not. At the same time, we will have the launch of the RTX 3050 and RTX 3070 Ti 16GB . As we like to keep things simple at the green house, the second one will arrive on the market on January 11th and for the 3050, we are not sure we have understood everything yet. Finally, concerning the RTX 3070 Ti 16GB, it will cohabit with the RTX 3070 8GB… Just to clear the stocks. This “new” card will have the same graphics chip with 6144 CUDA cores. We will observe its price positioning with regard to the old 3070Ti 8GB and the current 3080…

For us customers, this is becoming more and more indigestible…

Concerning the RTX 3080, we don’t really know how things are going to work. Indeed, radio silence on the future update of this reference when it should also be the subject of a “refresh” to go from 10 to 12GB. Maybe things will change again. In short, it is difficult to understand Nvidia’s strategy with its RTX range. Beyond the coherence, there is also the question of the launch of versions which we do not understand the interest, from the 2060 12Gb to the 3090Ti… In the meantime, here’s what the range could look like from next month.

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