Review : Teamgroup Delta RGB 6600 MT/s CL34


The last word:

Wow, how lucky we are to have been able to test two excellent memory kits within a few days of each other. The Corsair kit left a very strong impression on us and so did the new Teamgroup Delta RGB 6600 MT/s CL34! We also had high expectations of this kit and to say the least, we were not disappointed. The performance is very close to Corsair’s but it keeps its first place thanks to tighter primary timings. Teamgroup has done an excellent job with this memory kit combining high frequency and tight timings. We also know that Teamgroup is working on a 6800 MT/s kit with a 10-layer PCB.

The advantage of this kit is that once you have it, you only need to activate the XMP profile to benefit from its performance. There is no need to make any changes in the BIOS. Despite its characteristics, the XMP profile has been perfectly recognized on the ROG Z690 APEX.

Good cooling performance :

Good news about its PCB too. While the Dominator Platinum RGB will be very difficult to cool down due to the RGB on its PCB, our Delta RGB 6600 MT/s CL34 is perfectly suited! We have also started installing the Bitspower Universal Memory Covers. The installation of these new heat sinks went very smoothly and we will have an article dedicated to their installation later this week. We are not done yet with this Teamgroup Delta RGB 6600 MT/s CL34 kit, which will soon be offered a sub ambiant review ! Finally, this kit should be available soon at a price of $459.99.

Teamgroup Delta RGB 6600 MT/s CL34

We liked:

  • The overall design, from the heatsinks to the aesthetically pleasing RGB
  • The quality of the sticks, sturdy and well built
  • The second best performing DDR5 kit on the market today !
  • The excellent overclocking potential of the Hynix chips
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The advertised price of $459.99 which is getting better
  • The possibility to switch the PCB to cold very easily

We would have liked :

  • Nothing to report at the moment !

médaille award OMF or goldAnother DDR5 memory kit that we enjoyed testing. Teamgroup did a great job with their Delta RGB 6600 MT/s CL34 kit with XMP profile offering excellent performance. The 7000, 7200 and 7400 profiles were also very easy to achieve on our ROG Z690 APEX (2022). For us, it’s a no-brainer, with an advertised price of $459.99, it should quickly become an indisputable reference. Thank you Teamgroup !