Test: MSI GF76-12UEK Katana




This MSI GF76 Katana fulfills its role as a mid-range laptop, offering good performance for the price, all in a sober chassis that looks quite good with the ventilation grids underneath.

However, its advantages also come with their disadvantages, the ridiculously small battery for a 17.3″ machine with only 53.5 Wh, giving it a low autonomy which is its main flaw, so you’ll have to stay close to an outlet. Nevertheless, the value for money remains excellent with a price around 1 650 €, which allows you to benefit from a significant CPU power and a good GPU capable of running the majority of games in ultra-60 FPS.

We liked:

  • The performance in general
  • The quality-price ratio
  • The style and design of the chassis

We would have liked :

  • A cooling system adapted to the size
  • A higher battery capacity for the 17.3″ size
  • Slightly larger keys

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