Test: MSI GF76-12UEK Katana


Synthetic performance

Synthetic performance

We are in the presence of an Intel Core of the last generation, namely an i7-12700H based on the Alder Lake architecture offering Performance cores and Efficiency cores.


With 6 Performance cores boosting up to 4.7 GHz and 8 Efficiency cores boosting to 3.5 G. Hz, the processor is indicated with a PL1 of 45W and a PL2 going up to 115 W.


On Cinebench R20, the 12700H gets a score of 6014 points in multi-core and 694 points in single-core. With the R23 version, we are on 15828 points in multi-core and 1804 points in single-core.

In Geekbench 5, the 12700H climbs to 1683 points in single-core and 11504 points in multi-core.

On the RAM side, the GF76 12UEK is equipped with 16GB of DDR4-3200 CL22 RAM in dual channel and gear 1, which offers speeds of about 49GB/s read, 47 write and 46 copy, all with a latency of 93.9.

The notebook offers very good performance on the processor side, coupled with a sufficient amount of RAM, will have no trouble performing all the tasks that will be asked of it.

The graphics part is not left out with an RTX 3060 6GB. We ran it under Time Spy Extreme, where the card scored 4053 points in combined and 3923 points in graphics score

. We then moved on to Fire Strike Extreme with 9705 points in combined and 10100 points in graphics score. As for the CPU part, there is nothing to complain about on the GPU, which is very powerful.

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