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Tachyum launches Prodigy: Intel, AMD and Nvidia sweating?


This May 11, the company Tachyum, known for its promises to revolutionize the computer world, has officially launched its processor: Prodigy.

Tachyum would destroy the competition with Prodigy

The company Tachyum is a brand little known to the general public, which became known in recent years with the announcement of a universal processor, which would replace everything: CPU, GPU and TPU with just one chip.

The promises made by the brand during the presentation were attractive, with a processor that can run x86, ARM or RISC-V. In terms of consumption, we were on the 10 times less energy consuming compared to the fastest Intel Xenon, while being faster.

This “launch” allows us to have a little more detail on the characteristics and new announcements on performance.

The 64-bit Prodigy processor is equipped with 128 cores that can run up to 5.7 GHz, equipped with 16 DDR5 memory controllers and 64 PC Ie 5.0 lines, it can be mounted on 2 or 4 sockets platforms.

Performance-wise, brace yourself, Prodigy would be 3 times faster than an AMD 7763 and 4 times faster than an Intel 8380 on SPECint 2017, but also 3 times faster than an Nvidia H100 in FP32. Of course, all of this is advertised with reduced power consumption and TCO against the competition.

The CEO of Tachyum is pleased with his processors, which has been able to surpass Moore’s Law and start a revolution in computing. The sampling will begin at the end of the year, for a mass production in 2023.

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