Street Fighter 6 : the benchmark tool


After a seven-year wait, a new opus for one of the most famous fighting games has arrived in the form of Street Fighter 6. Capcom’s game will be released on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and Xbox One on June 2, 2023. A playable demo is already available here. Today, however, we’re interested in the release of a benchmark tool for StreetFighter6, which can be downloaded here (size 15.7 GB).

The Street Fighter 6 benchmark tool analyzes the gameplay of the demo and calculates a score that indicates the performance of your PC. The benchmark results will be displayed as follows, with a score of 91 or above showing that your PC can play the game without any problems. We’ll be downloading this tool this evening to see the various parameters present and, why not, launch a comparison on our Discord.

A note added recently indicates that the benchmark tool may not work correctly when launched from a shortcut. If this doesn’t work, try running the following executable file: C:\Program Files\(x86)CAPCOM\StreetFighter6 Benchmark. Warm up your configurations and share your results with us!

The Jonsbo TK-1 returns in version 2.0!