[Sim] Review – Simucube 2 Pro


Build Quality


One of the standout features of the Simucube 2 Pro is its build quality. The wheelbase itself is made from very durable metals and feels so solid it feels overbuilt and so heavy. The design is minimalistic and will be easy to keep clean and dusted.

The motor is custom made in Austria, probably by Lenze. So industrial grade and not the cheap version. The electronics and assembly are very neat. For cooling, there are no fans, it’s all passive cooling through the metal housing. And we love that since it will make everything simpler to keep dust free inside. In all our tests, the wheelbase never got very hot, slightly warm, but never hot.

For the mounting, the Simucube 2 Pro only has front mounting holes to allow for  mounting options.


The Simucube Quick Release mounting is also well-made and provides a very secure attachment for the wheel to your sim racing rig. The design is very different from the competition, and the Kingpin is a novelty for me. But compared to the current Fanatec system, there is no flex at all. Also, the steering wheel attachment is not as expensive as most other quick release, and that’s a big plus in my books.

The only downside I find in this system is that you have to attach the wheel spacer to the wheel part and therefor have a spacer on each of your wheel. Unless you get the SimRacingBay Accessory for 70 euros, but it only comes in a single size. Why am I picky on this topic? Well, it’s simply because with this amazing wheelbase you will want the perfect setup and therefor, the perfect FOV (field of view), and you can only get that by lowering your display as close behind the steering wheel as possible. So please Simucube, make us an optional part for this 😊


Finally, the wheelbase has a wireless receiver built in. You will need to get a wireless wheel for that, but it is a great addition to an already amazing package. If you are not using it, no worries, just plug your wheel in USB as you would with most direct drives.

The included cables are of high quality and feel sturdy, ensuring a reliable connection to your PC. The USB cable is thick and durable, while the power cable is made from a sturdy but less flexible material that is still easy to route and connect. Overall, the Simucube 2 Pro feels like a premium product that is built to last. You won’t feel you overpaid, that’s for sure.

On the earlier versions of the Simucube 2 Pro, there used to be 2 power supplies and apparently there were some power surge problems, but its all fixed, we now have 1 big power supply to connect to the base and no issues.

One flaw I find is that you have to power down the base with the small button at the back of the wheelbase, or the big STOP button, otherwise your monitors will never go to sleep and you sometimes get some beeps coming from the wheelbase.