Ryzen 9000X3D: no change in 3D V-Cache capacity


Ryzen 9000X3D are back in the news, and more specifically, their additional on-board cache memory. But don’t expect any increase in cache capacity.

Ryzen 9000X3D: still 64 MB 3D V-Cache!

Ryzen 7 9700X

If one of the supposed avenues of improvement for the 9000X3D was an increase in the amount of 3D V-Cache, AMD is clearly not going to do anything about it. In fact, there should be no increase in capacity at this level, since we’re still talking about a 64 MB 3D V-Cache stack for red CPUs.

As a result, the memory configuration of the new 9000X3D would remain similar to that of the 7000X3D :

  • 9950X3D: 64 MB L3 64 MB 3D V-Cache
  • 9900X3D: 64 MB L3 64 MB 3D V-Cache
  • 9800X3D: 32 MB L3 64 MB 3D V-Cache

While this is beneficial for gaming, we can expect the same problems as with the 7900X3D and 7950X3D. Indeed, these CPUs should feature two CCDs but only one 3D V-Cache stack, so only one of the two CCDs should take full advantage.

However, if the amount of L3 does not increase, we can expect full overclocking support. As we said last time, with the 5000X3D: no OC possible. The 7000X3D brought a few tools like PBO and Curve Optimiser, but now we’re talking about full OC support. We can imagine an unlocked multiplication coefficient, full voltage management, etc. It remains to be seen to what extent 3D V-Cache will limit frequency rise.

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As for launch, we’ll have to wait until September/October, when AMD’s new motherboards are expected to be on sale.