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Revolt SFX: a small format power supply series from Phanteks!


In addition to its ITX case Evolv Shift XT Phanteks announces the arrival of a new series of power supplies. The brand unveils its Revolt SFX series, a line of compact blocks for SFF cases. It’s a good thing, because the company has just announced one!

Revolt SFX: a first series of SFX power supplies from Phanteks!

Unfortunately, it will be difficult for us to be exhaustive about these power supplies, we do not have all the data about them. On the other hand, we already know that they have a compact format: SFX. Also, the cable management will be entirely modular.

Moreover, we will find three models with power ratings of 650W, 750W and 750W. Yes, there are two times 750W, it’s normal because there is a difference in certification. Indeed, one of these two blocks will be in 80+ Platinum when the other model of 750W and the one of 650W are in 80+ Gold.

Internally, we already know that the cooling takes advantage of a 92 mm fan with a bearing of type FDB. It will also work in a semi-passive way until 30% of load. To finish, Phanteks renews its partnership with Seasonic, what to assure us of blocks a minimum quality.

Finally, a word on the selling prices which will be 119,90 € and 129,90 € for the two models in 80+ Gold. Finally, the 80+ Platinum model will cost 139.90 €. All that remains to be known is the duration of the warranty, since we know that the availability will be in February 2022.

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