Review: The AORUS X670E Xtreme Motherboard


The last word:

The AORUS X670E Master that we tested a few weeks ago, for the launch of the Ryzen 7000, had given us complete satisfaction, but we had heard that the brand was working on the arrival of new BIOSes in order to improve the performance of DDR5 memory. This is of course what we have checked directly with this Xtreme version and indeed, the performance is very good thanks to the two options ” Low Latency Support ” and ” XMP/EXPO High Bandwith Support “.

In terms of price, it is about 250 euros more expensive than the Master version, but it has a wider and more complete connectivity. We are looking forward to retesting the X670E Master with the new BIOS to see if it also brings a new performance gain for the memory. We have no doubt that it does and this version then seems to us more interesting on the price/performance ratio. This doesn’t take away from the qualities we’ve pointed out for this Xtreme version. Your wallet will have the last word even if this Xtreme model seems more complicated to find at the moment.

AORUS X670E Xtreme:

We liked:

  • A very complete connectivity
  • The excellent performance of the DDR5 memory
  • The performance of the latest F6a BIOS
  • A strong and well designed power supply
  • Compatibility with GSKill Trident Z5 NEO EXPO 6000 MT/s kit
  • LN2 mode for liquid nitrogen testing
  • The “tools” inserted on the PCB to facilitate overclocking
  • A sober design where the RGB backlight does not distort the card
  • The presence of four M2 Gen5 SSD slots

We would have liked:

  • A price closer to that of the X670E Master

médaille award OMF or goldAs you have seen throughout this article, AORUS has done a great job on the BIOS of this Xtreme version. The performance of DDR5 on this new chipset is finally starting to look good against Intel’s DDR5. Moreover, the card has enough tools to take advantage of overclocking in watercooling but also under cold conditions. The price is higher than the Master version and the latter should also benefit from the arrival of the new BIOS. Depending on your wallet, you can choose one or the other with your eyes closed. Thanks to AORUS for making this AORUS X670E Xtreme available.