Review: Teamgroup Delta RGB 7200 MT/s CL34


The importance of the XMP profile:

Setup within the BIOS:

We can’t say it enough, but the settings of your memory kit are not automatically set after you install it. If it is the case for your processor, it is not the case for your memory kit and a passage through the BIOS will be mandatory! You will be able to configure it manually, by choosing the right frequency, timings and voltage for your kit. For more convenience, we advise you to activate the XMP (Intel) or DOCP (AMD) mode in “AI Overclock Tuner” in order to set it up automatically. Without this, your performance will be impacted in all areas and you will end up with a kit that does not exceed 4800 MHz in CL40. We will therefore activate our XMP profile directly in the BIOS.

The Asus BIOS, both on the APEX and on the Crosshair models, benefit from memory profiles. They are good bases to overclock your memory kit. We will first use them in our overclocking tests. Our kit is now set up in the BIOS and will work with the manufacturer’s specifications.

As you have seen in the above captures, once the XMP profile is activated, the settings are automatically detected. The frequency goes up to 7200 MT/s, the timings are activated and the voltage goes up to 1.40 volt.