Review: Roccat Vulcan II Max



Now let’s go to the test of this Vulcan II Max. We put it to the test in almost all scenarios: video games, office automation, etc…

The grip:

On this new Vulcan II Max, the grip is quite classical. Indeed, as this is a 106-key keyboard, there will be no change if you are used to this type of keyboard. Here, unlike the Corsair K100 RGB, we do not have macro keys placed on the left side of the keyboard. This is rather convenient since it will avoid us to shift all our lines of a row the time of accustoming. We do not find here any keys especially dedicated to macros. Nevertheless, we will find many multimedia keys on the FN+ keys… To manage the profiles and colors of the Vulcan II Max, we will find some additional keys at the top of the keyboard. For example, a key to change the profile or the light intensity of the RGB LEDs . Not to mention the wheel which is very pleasant to use to increase or decrease the sound of the PC.

With this new reference signed Roccat, do not count on the presence of PBT keys. Here, it will be exclusively ABS plastic keys. It’s a pity when you know that other brands now offer them.

The Vulcan II Max has a translucent palm rest to bring out the RGB of this reference. Nevertheless, it is not very practical to use. Indeed, if you pull on it by mistake and it comes off, you will have to make sure to place the lugs in the groove of the keyboard and it is not always easy.

Under the keyboard, we have the right to two elevating legs on a level. There are also two large rubber bands that allow a good grip on a desk or mouse pad. Another nice feature is the visual aspect of the underside which I found nice and worked. This is a change from the smooth plastic keyboards, because it is the underside and you don’t see it often.

The design of the Vulcan II Max

The Vulcan II Max is really elegant. It can remind us of the old typewriters thanks to its low profile keys. Moreover, the LEDs underneath really bring out all the lighting. The palm rest is very neat and shines brightly once the keyboard is plugged in. In short, it is particularly beautiful in my opinion.

Plus, it’s not especially big on a desk. If you compare it to the Corsair K100 RGB, it is much more compact.

Nevertheless, we will regret the presence of the big, thick and very (too) rigid USB cable. In addition, it will require two USB ports to work, without adding an offset or other. They are really only there to power the keyboard..

Roccat Vulcan II Max

The switches :

The Vulcan II Max is offered with two types of switches. Obviously, these are the Titans II from Roccat. First, there are the red linear switches . These are designed to be fast, precise and quiet. To activate them, it will take 1.4 mm for a force of 45 G. Their total stroke is 3.6 mm.

On the contrary, our sample of the day arrived with the brown touch switches. They are ideal for people who like the tactile feedback of switches. The tactile Titans II are less quiet than the red ones. To activate them, you’ll need 1.8mm for a force of 45G. Their total stroke, like the reds, is 3.6 mm.

Roccat Vulcan II Max Roccat’s brown switches are quite pleasant to use if you like tactile switches . Indeed, when you press a key on this keyboard, you feel that it “resists” you. At the moment, when you activate it, it becomes “harder” until the activation noise. Once the key is activated, the switch is pressed until the end of the stroke.

As for the sensation when typing, the key and the switch slide quite easily. We feel a slight friction on the way down but nothing very obvious. We are very far from the roughness of the Gateron Ink Black switches of the NZXT keyboard tested recently. It is therefore more fluid than the latter without coming close to the excellence of the Omnipoint switches from Steelseries.

It’s also nice to see that they don’t generate any spring noise when used, as we heard on some references. We are thinking especially of the Xtrfy K4 RGB for example.

The noise :

Here, we are dealing with a keyboard relatively noisy in use, there is no denying it. Indeed, the fact that it benefits from the tactile feedback of the Titans II switches does not help in this sense. It is therefore much noisier than the K100 Air Wireless tested very recently. Nevertheless, the keys don’t clack so much if you pay attention to the writing.

The RGB:

One of the strong points of Roccat keyboards is their RGB lighting. This Vulcan II Max is no exception to the rule by offering a lighting always more present and “petulant”! In addition to offering keys called ” low profile ” reinforcing the presence of lighting, we have diffusers at the wrist rest which is itself translucent. Of course, the lights are reflected in it and accentuate the thing.

Roccat Vulcan II Max

Be careful if you are the kind of person who plays in the dark, because the lighting is very present and could clearly cause visual fatigue.