Review: Roccat Vulcan II Max




Our keyboard of the day arrives in a large black box. On its front panel, we find a representation of the Vulcan II Max illuminated with all its RGB LEDs. We learn that it is equipped with the first dual RGB LEDs for a better light immersion. In addition, it is indicated that it is a full-size keyboard. Let’s move on to the back where we learn more about the new Vulcan. For example, we now know that it is equipped with Titan II optical switches. In addition, it is indicated that this reference is equipped with a detachable and backlit palm rest. The brand also highlights its RGB AIMO technology and the Roccat Smarts keys feature that allow secondary functionality.

Now let’s open the box of our Vulcan. First of all, we discover the wrist rest placed on top of the keyboard. It is packed in a plastic bag, just like the keyboard itself. A cardboard reinforcement and foam are also part of the party to protect everything. In any case, it did its job since it arrived in excellent condition.

Roccat Vulcan II Max


Apart from the detachable wrist rest, there is a single quick start guide in the Vulcan II Max box. Roccat Vulcan II Max - bundle

The Vulcan II Max:

Right out of the box, this new Vulcan makes an impression. It is very elegant and classy. Moreover, it can remind, aesthetically speaking, the old typewriters thanks to its minimalist keys. This reference is equipped with all its keys, unlike the Vulcan II Mini tested recently. Indeed, we find here all the function keys, multimedia keys on the right and a nice wheel to manage the sound. Of course, a 100% keyboard means the presence of the numeric keypad on the right.

This Vulcan II Max has a sheathed USB cable, not detachable. Its particularity is to need two USB ports to connect it, without offering a USB offset. It’s a bit of a shame!

The translucent palm rest is located at the bottom of the keyboard. It is installed thanks to some kind of lugs that slide into the edge of the keyboard. But we will talk about it later in the test section.

Roccat Vulcan II Max

What does it look like from the back?

On the back, the rear is somewhat aesthetical. It changes the smooth plastic we will say. Otherwise, we find two rubber pads to help maintain this reference. We also have the right to two elevating legs, without forgetting the label in the center with the serial numbers and recycling information. Roccat Vulcan II Max