Review: NZXT T120 RGB



We are coming to the end of this test of the T120 RGB signed NZXT. Are we dealing with a successful product? Let’s see it in detail!

A compact and neat heatsink !

Again, with NZXT we are dealing with a product with a very neat visual and exemplary finish. As we have seen, the brand offers an attractive design with a full black finish or an aluminum cover to hide the heatpipes.

Otherwise, in a second step, we find a very compact heatsink that will easily fit in a majority of cases. Moreover, we can count on a very thin set, which will not block any memory slot on the motherboard.

Finally, we can count on a simple installation, especially on the Intel side. On an AMD board, you will have to change the mounting arms and remove the original ones on your motherboard. But in itself, it’s easy and quick to do.

What about performance?

NZXT T120 RGB protocole

Thermally, things are more complicated since the T120 RGB does not shine particularly at high speeds, while at low speeds it offers temperatures in line with its size. As we have seen, it is positioned in front of fans that also offer four copper heatpipes.

As far as noise is concerned, at low speed or at half speed, it is clearly a silent product that will easily be forgotten. But we should avoid running it at full speed because the noise level quickly becomes present. Moreover, this has a negative impact on the temperature/noise ratio. For maximum comfort, try to run the fan between 1600 rpm – 1800 rpm at maximum.

$60 / 55 for this model

On the price side, we find this model at a rate of about $60 or €55 which seems delicate. Indeed, for €5 more, we find the excellent DeepCool AK500 or Jonsbo HX6250 which cheerfully outperform this model signed NZXT. Finally, for the same price, we find the Noctua NH-U12S Redux which has better performances. In short, a delicate price placement from which it would be necessary to remove $10/€10 to be more in adequacy with its performances.


We like:
  • The neat and sober design of this CPU cooler
  • The finishes are of a very good level
  • Its compact size: no obstructed memory slot and fits in many cases
  • The accessory part allowing the mounting of a second fan
  • Easy installation, especially on Intel sockets
  • The convincing RGB lighting
  • The silence at low speeds
We liked less :
  • Its price, high compared to the proposed temperature/noise ratio
  • High noise at high speed

In the end, we choose to award bronze to the small T120 RGB from NZXT. While the brand offers a compact model with a sleek look and clean finish, it is still expensive. At $60 or ~€55, it does not manage to offer a temperature to noise ratio equivalent to the competition in this price range. It’s a pity since it offers a simple installation, a contained noise on its slowest speeds and a nice lighting. To be reserved only if you like its aesthetics, because there are more logical choices.

Many thanks to NZXT !