Review: NZXT T120 RGB



For the installation part, you’ll have to keep your AMD backplate, the manufacturer doesn’t provide one. If you don’t have one anymore, a quick look on eBay should allow you to find one easily.

The T120 RGB assembly :

Mounting on an Intel socket is clearly the easiest since you just have to put a backplate on the back of your motherboard. Of course, make sure you use the right backplate for your platform. Then, all you have to do is turn the whole thing over, put some thermal paste on it and screw the cooler on the CPU.

On the AMD side, you will have to start by screwing the corresponding mounting arms on the base of the heatsink. To do this, we remove those intended forIntel and we fix the new ones via two small screws.

Then, we remove the original mounting arms present on the motherboard and we remove the black plastic spacers at the four corners of the socket. All that remains is to position the cooling unit and to screw it in place with the screws provided in the accessory section.

Once the radiator is in place, you just have to plug the fan on a CPU_FAN socket of your motherboard. Same thing for the RGB part, by the way, if you don’t have a CAM controller, you’ll have to use the RGB adapter provided!