Review : NZXT High-performance Thermal Paste



We are coming to the end of this test. And, for a first time as a thermal paste manufacturer, NZXT misses the mark. Although the packaging is very nice, the product inside doesn’t perform as well as we expected. So we hope that the brand will propose an update of this thermal paste to provide us with a real High-performance Thermal Paste. NZXT High-performance Thermal Paste As a reminder, the High-performance Thermal Paste is available on the NZXT website in 3g and 15g for 9,99 € and 19,99 €.

NZXT High-performance Thermal Paste

We liked:

  • The bundle with wipe
  • The view on the thermal paste level
  • The price

We would have liked:

  • Performance on par with the competition

NZXT offers for its first test gallon in the world of thermal paste manufacturers a product whose performance is not up to par. This High-performance Thermal Paste will however remain a possible choice for long term use.