Review : NZXT H510 Flow



We are now at the end of our test of the H510 Flow from NZXT. So, good case or not? We tell you everything!

A better airflow!

With this version, NZXT wanted to offer us a case with an improved airflow and it is done. For this, the brand swaps its solid (or glass) front for something perforated. At the end of the day, it works and the components are quite well cooled… Especially our graphics card in fact since the CPU is left out of the story. It must be said that the fan in the bottom of the front panel does not direct the airflow to our cooler very much, if at all. To remedy this: installed a second fan.

However, this new front panel degrades the quality of the sound insulation and, potentially, we could end up with a PC that is noisier than the competition. This will depend on your choice of components.

An easy assembly!

Otherwise, NZXT reuses the same chassis as the other cases in the series. The result is a model that is easy to assemble and to wire, especially since there are guides. Also, without RGB fans or any controller, there is less cable to manage. The wiring is therefore facilitated.

NZXT H510 Flow logo

And besides that?

Besides that, the brand continues to offer us a sober case, despite a different front panel. Moreover, as far as the realization is concerned, there will not really be any negative criticism since the finish is good and the paint remains well applied.

However, if we have to find something to complain about, we can regret a too small control panel: a second USB Type A would be welcome. Similarly, the hard disk cage is clearly not the most pleasant to handle, having to unplug everything and take it out again each time you want to add/remove a storage medium is a pain. And finally, we would have liked a compatibility with the 360 mm watercooling radiator… Even if you can already enjoy yourself with 280 mm.

An affordable price

We finish by telling you about the selling price, which is officially around 100 euros. Unfortunately, in some retailers this price will not always be respected and it’s a shame. Anyway, at this price, the NZXT box is still rather well placed, even if the competition remains tough in this sector.

As solid competitors, we can talk about the Corsair 4000D Airflow or the Phanteks P400A for example. Both come with a 360mm radiator support and a functional HDD cage, points that are missing from the NZXT model.

NZXT H510 Flow:

We liked:
  • The always so pleasant design of this H500 series
  • The small size of this medium tower model
  • The cabling aids
  • The front fans are mounted on a removable plate
  • Less cables than on the Elite : Easier wiring
  • Improved airflow thanks to the perforated front panel
  • The good cooling of the graphics card
  • The price which remains contained
We liked less:
  • The control panel is too limited (at least a USB type A is missing)
  • The hard disk cage which deserves to be improved
  • The lack of a 360mm watercooling radiator support
  • The original airflow is too much directed to the graphics card at the expense of the CPU

In the end, we choose to give this NZXT case a silver award. Certainly, it’s a model that presents well and will offer an overall pleasant experience. However, keep in mind that around 100 €, this sector is ultra competitive we will easily find a model filling the gaps of this H510 Flow. One thinks especially of the HDD cage, the control panel a little too sober or the watercooling radiator support. However, if you can get past that, this may be the case for you!

A big thank you to NZXT !