Review: NVIDIA RTX 4080 Founders Edition


Specifications and PCB:

The technical specifications:

In terms of frequency, the base frequency is announced at 2205 MHz while the Boost is at 2505 MHz. The 16 GB of G-DDR6X memory runs at 1400 MHz (716.8 GB/s) on a 256 bit bus. Since this is the reference card proposed by NVIDIA, the frequencies are also those of reference. We will be able to compare them with our two other RTX 4080s to see if they benefit from factory overclocking.

Let’s go through GPU-Z to check that the information read is correct. The GPU frequency is 2205 MHz, and the Boost frequency is 2505 MHz. Don’t forget that the latter will be higher during benchmarks depending on the quality of your chip and determined by GPU Boost 4.0. The memory has a frequency of 1400 MHz.

Let’s unpack the PCB:

For obvious reasons of timing with our three copies of RTX 4080 to test, we did not undertake the disassembly of our cards at first. This will be done in the coming days in order to update this article. We will come back to the details of the different PCBs in a dedicated brief.