Review : MSI RTX 4090 Suprim Liquid X



NVIDIA’s Slam:

We have to admit it, it’s a slap in the face that we took during our tests. We never imagined that we would reach such results when we started our tests. The performance of this MSI RTX 4090 Suprim Liquid X is just incredible. As we said in the gaming section ,we have the impression that NVIDIA skipped a generation and went straight to the next one, as the RTX 3090 Ti is so far behind.

We are even wondering if the DLSS is still important in 2160p for this RTX 4090. The DLSS 3 seems to keep all its promises but we will come back to a more detailed test in the coming weeks, especially using the ICAT utility. The few owners of an 8K screen should also take advantage of this DLSS 3 combined with the RTX 4090.

The power consumption that we thought at first was catastrophic given the announcement of the TGP at 600 watts is rather interesting on this model. The TGP was finally re-evaluated at 450 watts and our various measurements show that the RTX 4090 is more interesting than the RTX 3090/3090 Ti and the RX 6950 XT.

La carte graphique MSI RTX 4090 Suprim Liquid X Now, be aware that this power monster has a limit and not just any limit. Indeed, in order to take full advantage of the RTX 4090’s performance, you will need a high-end configuration including a state-of-the-art processor and DDR5. We will soon be testing this RTX 4090 on an older configuration to see how it affects performance. Needless to say, without a 4K display and a high-end configuration, it would be totally unreasonable to buy this model. And this is the point that needs to be emphasized. This ultra high-end card is a showcase for NVIDIA and few gamers will really need it as the rest of their configuration is not in line with the RTX 4090. So even if it makes you dream, we are very curious to see the behavior of the RTX 4080, 4070, 4060, etc.

MSI RTX 4090 Suprim Liquid X :

Wow, MSI has done a great job in offering to upgrade their Suprim series to liquid. All the basics of the original series have been retained with the brushed aluminum, octagonal cutout, RGB backlight balance and of course the cooling performance. This move to the Suprim Liquid X version also allows it to keep a 2 slot thickness even if you will have to find the space to accommodate the 240mm radiator. The finish is exemplary and the PCB perfectly designed.

We liked :

  • The new reference for the 2160p definition and probably 8K
  • Incomparable performance compared to the RTX 3090 Ti
  • A very well thought out power supply with quality components
  • Excellent original overclocking!
  • The GDDR6X memory is always so docile when overclocking
  • Excellent cooling system combined with low noise levels
  • The presence of two BIOS
  • The possibility to change the two radiator fans very easily
  • Very reliable noise levels
  • The AfterBurner utility that allows you to push the Suprim Liquid X even further
  • The power consumption which is improving even if we hoped for better

We would have liked:

  • A lower price, but that was to be expected and finally in view of the performance/€ price, it is the previous generation that should be cheaper now

Double bullseye for this MSI RTX 4090 Suprim Liquid X. First of all on the card itself since MSI had an excellent idea by declining its Suprim version in Liquid X. We already found the Suprim versions superb but what can we say about this liquid version where brushed aluminum dominates. Finally, this new architecture crushes everything in its path and offers to the lucky owner performances never reached. Thanks to MSI for its availability and providing us this card!