Review: MSI MPG Z790 Carbon Max Wifi




With the MPG Z790 Carbon Max Wifi, MSI offers an ultra-complete solution for content creators. The card will be perfectly at home in gaming too, but its great strength lies in its up-to-date connectivity. In terms of performance, you’ll have to stick to MSI’s maximum capacity of 7800 Mt/s in XMP. Memory overclocking is very disappointing for a motherboard costing around €500, and it’s not much better on the CPU side. The board offers features that could prove interesting for optimizing your machine, such as Qcode, but it’s a bit lonely on the PCB, with no power or reset buttons. MSI has made a real effort in this respect with the SMART Button, even though I didn’t use it at all due to its location on the IO shield.

For the moment, this model is not yet available for sale in France, but we can expect a price tag of €479.

MSI MPG Z790 Carbon Max Wifi - Radiateur VRM

MSI MPG Z790 Carbon Max Wifi

We liked :

  • Connectivity
  • USB4 card bundle
  • The design
  • M.2 PCie 5.0 port on PCB

We would have liked :

  • A real technical evolution vs Z690 and Z790
  • Good memory stability at least at 8266 Mt/s
  • A second 10 Gbps Ethernet card
  • Power and reset buttons on the PCB (or as a bundle)

With the MPG Z790 Carbon Max Wifi, MSI offers a more than complete motherboard for professional and/or creative use. It’s no less interesting for setting up a gaming configuration if you’re looking for high-end connectivity. On the other hand, we have the impression that MSI is resting on its laurels with this refresh, which offers nothing new in terms of RAM or CPU performance.