Review: MSI MPG Z790 Carbon Max Wifi


Memory overlocking

We now move on to the most interesting part of this test, namely memory overclocking. We’re expecting a lot from this motherboard, whose hardware could lead us to expect good memory performance.

All memory tests were carried out with a CPU frequency of Pcore 5800MHz, Ecore 4500MHz and cache 4900Mhz. The kit used is the GSkill Trident Z5 RGB 7800C36 equipped with Hynix Adie chips.

XMP test

We start with the Aida64 and Geekbench 3 tests with XMP memory. Here, performance perfectly reflects what you’d expect from the kit used.

Maximum overclocking

We pushed overclocking to its maximum with 8266 CL34. The gain is around 2250 points on the CPU score and over 4000 points on the memory score on Geekbench 3. On AIDA64, we reach 124 Gb/s and drop below 48 ns latency, which is excellent. We feel we’re at the motherboard’s limits after 8000 Mt/s, which is very disappointing for a Z790 motherboard in 2024, and a refresh version at that.