Review – MSI MPG Artymis 232CQR


Color range & accuracy

Color range / Gamut

The gamut is the set of colors that a device can display. Note that any score above 90% P3 is excellent. A high refresh rate and adaptive sync are nice features to have, but don’t sacrifice gamut and color either. On the configuration “Professional – sRGB” The sRGB coverage is 95%, AdobeRGB 70%, DCI-P3 71%, an average score for a VA panel. However, the values change according to the presets. After a D65 calibration, here is the coverage observed sRGB: 99%; AdobeRGB: 85%; DCI-P3: 80%.

MSI MPG Artymis 232 CQR

Color accuracy

For this measurement, we want a Delta-E as low as possible. An average Delta-E of less than 2 is considered as good. The average score of the MSI Artymis 232CQR is 1.31 which ensures very good colors. It is now several tests that a blue color distorts the average, and I think this is due to our probe, Datacolor support has been contacted.

MSI MPG Artymis 232 CQR