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Review: MSI MEG Z690 Unify-X


Actual frequencies?

As with every new processor test, our first idea is to check if the announced frequencies are actually reached. To do so, we will use the Cinebench R15 benchmark. Two cases will be used, a single core benchmark and a multi core benchmark.

Test with i9-12900K :

And in reality? First step, we leave everything in AUTO in the BIOS except the XMP profile which we load to have a frequency of 6400 MHz in 40-40-40-83 for our memory kit. We do not make any other changes in the BIOS. The idea is, as we said, to see if the frequencies on the box are respected.. Let’s start with a single core test in Cinebench R15. As you can see, we have opened several windows to check the frequency and the working cores.

No worries, we can see that two cores 4 and 6 are regularly running at 5.2 GHz, which corresponds to the boost frequency of our i9-12900K. It is especially core 4 that reaches this frequency. In multi-core mode, the frequency is also well respected, with 4900 MHz on all eight performance cores.

Now that we know that our processor is fully operational, we can move on to overclocking. If you want to know the performance of the i9-12900K and the i5-12600K, this is the place to find out. We have also reviewed the i7-12700KF and the i5-12400.

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