Review : Kingston FURY Renegade PCIe 4.0 NVMe 2To


Access time:

Finally, we will finish this series of tests with an access time survey. We will use the HDTune Pro software. We will present you the graph of these readings, which give a good visual representation of the access times of the disk.

HD Tune pro Access readThe access time readings give a good idea of the performance of small file read rates. We saw earlier that the Kingston FURY Renegade was at home on both small and large files.

The measurement shows us once again the ease of the controller since the maximum access time measured is only 34 µs. HD Tune pro access write In writing, we obtain even better times with only 10 µs. It is a faultless performance.

Some additional data about the FURY Renegade

In order to double check the data obtained through the different tests and to verify that no software had become too old to effectively measure the performance of the SSD, I used other software whose results I share with you “raw”.

This allows us to validate the consistency of the results obtained across all benchmarks.


AS SSD Benchmark is a program that we will use in our future tests. Not only does it run various performance tests like Crystal Disk Mark, but it does much more. With this test, we will be able to obtain three scores that will be useful for future comparisons. The first one is a read performance score, the second one is a write performance score, while the last one is the sum of the two and thus gives an overall score. We can also notice that in addition to the throughput, we obtain at the same time the access times, but also the number of input/output operations per second (IOPS), which are data that can be found on the manufacturers’ specifications.

AS SSD Benchmark is available for free on or on the official developer’s website.

Anvil’s Storage Utilities:

Anvil’s Storage is another very useful software for testing and comparing different drives. It offers us a variety of data that allows us to cross-reference the results achieved in other tests. Also, as with AS SSD, we get three different scores: a read, a write and a sum of the two. Anvil's storage utilities Anvil’s Storage Utilities is available for download on or on