Review : Kingston FURY Renegade PCIe 4.0 NVMe 2To


Speeds by file size:

We will take advantage of the ATTO Disk Benchmark measurements to perform read and write speed tests on files ranging from 512 bytes to 64 MB. We will present you a curve proposing to visualize directly the speeds in each mode (read / write). This will allow you to visualize the behavior of the storage unit according to the size of the files handled.

Read rate as a function of file size

Kingston Fury Renegade read bandwitdth On this flow test carried out with ATTO DISK Benchmark, we have taken the data and made a curve which allows to appreciate the speed and the constancy of Kingston in the reading operations.

We can clearly see that it remains the fastest regardless of the file size. The curve then makes an almost straight line that reaches a maximum of 6560 Mb/s.

Write throughput vs. file size:

Kingston Fury Renegade write bandwitdth

On the write throughput test, we have the impression to visualize the same curve as the read throughput. The only difference is the 6400 MB/s speeds.

Kingston FURY Renegade temperature readings

Concerning the temperatures recorded via HWINFO, the disk remains under 40°c on the operations of read, and reaches but without never exceeding them, the 55°c at the time of the sustained operations of writes.

As a reminder, these temperatures are with the SSD under the heatsink of the motherboard. The Phison E18 controller remains stable at 69°c and sometimes reaches 71°C, which is within the manufacturer’s specifications.