Review : Kingston FURY Renegade PCIe 4.0 NVMe 2To



The tests we did around video games are starting to show the contours of an SSD that seems to deliver on its promise. If the Kingston FURY Renegade is as comfortable in application testing as it is in gaming, then Kingston will have pulled out all the stops for its comeback.

The main selling point is certainly very gaming oriented. But in reality, a PC user, like a PS5 gamer, is not limited to video games. It would be presumptuous of me to conclude here by giving the argument that I can guess in advance what the results will be if I continue the tests.

But since we at prefer to indulge in rigor rather than speculation, we won’t stop without the usual application tests. Whether it’s a gamer SSD or not, protocol is protocol. No different treatment, so we continue with the Kingston FURY Renegade application tests!

PCMark 8 Photoshop

Kingston Fury Renegade SSD 2To pcmark 8 storage PCMark 8 offers an integrated benchmark in which there is a test called ” Photoshop Heavy V2 “. This one is much longer than the one for ” Battlefield 3″. Indeed, it follows a whole workflow composed of 18 steps. The load is based on editing a very high resolution photo to create a poster. The source file is a 113 MB image with a resolution of 5184 x 7744, while the final file is a 1320 MB poster with a resolution of 7000 x 10457. We use it to subject the SSD to heavy application tasks. Kingston Fury Renegade SSD 2To bandwith write photoshop heavy No big surprise, once again the PCMark 8 benchmark seems to level the performance towards a minimum time of 348 to 350 sec. It’s as if we’ve reached the minimum time it’s possible to achieve on this version of the test.

Note that PCMark 10, the new version of PCMark, also includes an entire test dedicated to storage In the future we will use this version which will be better suited

PCMark Express 10 :

Speaking of PCMark 10, we can already start to see what the Apps score test gives us. Indeed, the latter gives a representative score of storage performance by calculating the launch times of four applications.

pcmark10 ssd fury renegadeWe get a score of 18,400 to 18,500 points on three series in a row. This is an excellent figure and puts me in 57th place in the ranking at the time of writing. For comparison, I’m ahead of one person with a Samsung 980 PRO 1TB and just ahead, an Intel Optane 905P.

I performed the same test from a 512GB Crucial MX500, and I get 8200 points. You can find the detailed score at the following address.