Review: KFA² TG-001 and TG-002 Thermal Paste



We are coming to the end of this test. And we can say that KFA²/GALAX hits very hard in the thermal pastes field. Indeed, we have here two references sold for less than 5 €, offering high performances. However, you will have to limit yourself to a CPU use for the TG-001 and GPU for the TG-002.

KFA² TG-001 & TG-002 As a reminder, these thermal pastes are available in Spain at Coolmod for respectively 1.5 € TG-001 and 1.95 € for the TG-002. You can also find the TG-001 version between 4.5 € and 4.99 € .

KFA² TG-001 and TG-002 Thermal Paste

We liked :

  • The bundle with spatula
  • Performance on CPU
  • Easy spatula spreading for TG-002 (ideal on GPU)
  • The excellent hold in long load (ideal on GPU)
  • The price

We would have liked:

  • Performances closer to the TG-001 version for the TG-002


médaille award OMF or goldWith its TG-001 KFA²/GALAX hits hard in the thermal paste environment by offering a solution that performs better than the best references on the market at a very attractive price. A thermal paste that is perfect on CPU. The KFA² TG-002 will be a better choice on GPU, thanks to its better spreadability with a spatula.