Review: KFA² TG-001 and TG-002 Thermal Paste


The KFA² TG-001 and TG-002 Thermal Paste:

The TG-001 and TG-002 are sold in plastic packages, they contain all the important information. Inside, we have the thermal paste tubes and a spatula in bundle.


The tubes are identical in size and have labels with all the necessary information. Here, no view on the remaining thermal paste level.

You will notice that the tube of the TG-002 is fuller than that of the TG-001. The reason is simple: the densities of the two pastes differ by 34%. The spatula provided with the TG-001 will be useless, because this thermal paste is impossible to spread before mounting the cooling. We recommend to apply it crosswise on the IHS of the CPU.

Regarding the specifications of these pastes, we are on a density of 2.6g/ml for the TG-001 and 3.5g/ml for the TG-002. No figures concerning their thermal conductivity. But we still have those of the viscosity, with 100 Pa.s for the TG-001 and 100-1200 Pa.s for the TG002. Here is a table of the different thermal pastes tested on our configuration. KFA² TG-001 & TG-002 Tableau