Review: Intel NUC 13 PRO – i7-1360p


Synthetic CPU performance

Synthetic CPU performance

Let’s see what this machine has in store, we start with the CPU and memory performances on some synthetic benchmarks. The i7-1360p proposed here by Intel will be compared to the same i7-1360p on board the MSI Prestige 13 Evo A13M.

Cinebench R20

We start with Cinebench R20, here the i7-1360p in desktop version manages to stand out from the Prestige 13 without difficulty. This is mainly due to the power limit reached thanks to the better cooling of the NUC. We even notice that this i7-1360p is better than the i7-12700H of the Dell Inspiron 14 plus, which has 2 Pcore more.

Cinebench R23

Let’s move on to Cinebench R23, and as for R20, the gap remains similar with the Prestige 13.

Geekbench 3

On Geekbench 3, the performance is simply impressive. With a gain of almost 30% compared to the Prestige 13 from MSI.

Geekbench 5

For Geekbench 5, same observation as for Geekbench 3 where the i7-1360p is close to the i7-12700H of Dell.

Aida 64

For AIDA64, we are mostly looking at the RAM and here the performance is in line with the memory kit used. Latency is close to what we find on a DDR5 laptop with lower data rates of 20 GB/s compared to DDR5 at 4800 Mt/s.

All in all this NUC manages to get maximum performance out of the i7-1360p, but as we will see later in this test, there is room for improvement.