Review: Intel NUC 13 PRO – i7-1360p



We come to the end of this test which was a first for me with a mini PC of this level of performance. I can say that I was pleasantly surprised on several points and disappointed by others. We start with the positive points namely the performance of the i7-1360p, wondering if it is really the same CPU as the MSI Prestige 13 Evo tested previously. Then there’s the build quality and assembly. Despite the fact that plastic is mostly used for the exterior design. And to finish on the positive points, the cooling is quite efficient and allows the processor to express itself fully.

We come to the negative aspects with the last point mentioned, the cooling is quite noisy for no apparent reason, the fan starts around 40-50 ° C which is quite disturbing. Then we have the VESA support not usable in my case, my screens being on articulated arm with the original foot that covers their VESA fixings. It would have been nice to have a simple VESA offset plate with 4 screws in a bundle. This would solve the problem. Finally, the price is for my taste too excessive for a PC, for 749,95 € without OS, without SSD, without RAM. The price difference of 200 € compared to the i5 version brings almost nothing except 6 MB of cache and 400 Mhz of the i5-1340p. This difference should offer more, such as an i7-1370p with 6 Pcore and 5.2 GHz.

In the end, we have a mixed review because of this price tag which counterbalances the quality of the product as a consumer choice.

As a reminder, the Intel NUC 13 PRO is available for €749.95 in its i7-1360p version and €549.95 in its i5-1340p version without SSD or RAM.

The Intel NUC 13 PRO – i7-1360p

We liked:

  • The performance of the CPU
  • The compact size
  • The connectivity
  • Efficient cooling
  • Build quality
  • Upgradability

We would have liked :

  • A quieter cooling
  • A more attractive price
  • A remote VESA support in bundle

In the end, we choose to award silver to this i7-1360p based NUC 13 PRO. Gold would certainly have been appropriate for the i5-1340p version offering the same thing at a more attractive price. Although this NUC was flawless in all our tests, its high price coupled with its noisy ventilation made us decide in this direction. Nevertheless, it is a very well-made machine, perfect for a clean setup dedicated to office automation, whether for businesses or individuals.