Review: Intel Core i5-13500



Aaaaah, the overclocking… the point that is currently annoying when we know what the association of the 12 non-K generation and the B660/Z790 chipset was capable of.
Let’s try to be clear: currently no B760 or Z790 motherboard is capable of overclocking 13-generation non-K processors via the BCLK frequency and technically, it seems impossible unfortunately. As a reminder, a non-K processor like our i5-13500 has a locked multiplier and it is therefore impossible to increase it like on K processors. On the previous generation, some motherboards with a “special” BIOS were able to accept quite high BCLK.

Maybe this will change in the coming weeks but as we tell you, technically it seems very complicated. Asus’ in-house overclocker, safedisk, simply said: “13th non-K cpu bclk oc it’s impossible”, so it’s hard to be more clear.

Without this type of BIOS and a compatible motherboard (clockgen), the limit of the overclocking of the BCLK is around 102,5 MHz as shown in the picture below.

It is indeed a pity and we are the first ones to be disappointed but it is the policy of Intel on this series of processors. The advantage remains for AMD on these entry-level processors, which allows overclocking on these non-X Ryzen 7000. It remains to be seen if AMD can catch up with an equivalent Intel CPU with overclocking, but that’s the title of a future article.