Review: Intel ARC A770 16GB & ARC A750 8GB


Specifications and PCB:

The technical specifications:

In terms of frequency, let’s start with the ARC A750 Limited Edition, the GPU frequency is announced at 2400 but without having any information about the Boost frequency. The 8 GB of G-DDR6 memory runs at 2000 MHz (512 GB/s) on a 256 bit bus As for the ARC A770 Limited Edition, the GPU is announced at 2400 but without having any information on the Boost frequency either. The 16 GB of G-DDR6 memory runs at 2187 MHz (560 GB/s) on a 256 bit bus.

A small passage through GPU-Z to check that the information read is correct. No problem, the announced frequencies correspond to what is announced. On the other hand, currently there are still problems with the ” sensors ” tab, especially with the reading of the GPU frequency which is not active. Intel is working with GPU-Z to solve this problem.

Let’s unpack the PCB:

As we explained to you, we have not yet dismantled the cooling system. It is therefore impossible for us to reveal the PCB but thanks to our colleagues from Mydrivers, here are two pictures of it. The PCB has a chip size of 406 mm². It is an “in-house” PCB from Intel. Our Intel ARC A750 and A770 has 6 + 2 phases (GPU + memory). The number of phases is often determined by the current requirement of the graphics chip. The more current it needs, the more phases there are.

The memory chips are 8 in number and 1 GB on the A750 version and 2 GB on the A770 version. In addition to sharing the same cooling system, they share almost the same PCB.