Review: EVGA X570 DARK


The last word:

Here we are at the end of this article dedicated to the EVGA X570 DARK motherboard. Let’s start with our personal feeling. For us, this motherboard is not meant for everyone. Even though it has certain memory profiles, other XOC cards are easier to use than the EVGA X570 DARK. Personally, I think it already requires a certain level of knowledge to be able to take advantage of its potential. I have never spent so much time on memory overclocking for example.

But on the other hand, it is the one that gave me the best performance in this field. EVGA and of course KingPiN have done an excellent job with this motherboard. Remember that it has been a long time since we have had a board with a different chipset other than Intel.

So this is a goal that has been fully met for this first test. We really welcome this AM4 version in EVGA’s product lineup and we have finger crossed when it’s time for AM5. This new  of the « DARK » series motherboard has really gained in maturity.

It’s a motherboard that removes the unnecessary features which an overclocker has no use for, such as RGB, OLED screen, a multitude of M2 slots, etc. In short, this EVGA X570 DARK goes to straight to what’s essential and that’s what we like about it !


We liked :

  • An extensive connectivity
  • A rich and unique bundle (bench table , PCB reproduction, etc.)
  • A solid power stage
  • Its overclocking potential thanks to various BIOS settings
  • The possibility to use high capacity and high frequency memory
  • LN2 mode for liquid nitrogen tests
  • Tools on the PCB to make overclocking more convinient
  • Automatic overclock features with OC Robot
  • Easy voltage reading thanks to ProbeIt
  • A sober design where the RGB backlight does not spoil the motherboard

We would have liked :

  • As always, better visibility and availability in Europe
  • The release of « beta » BIOS for all overclockering enthusiasts
  • The double penalty for European buyers, price + customs fees

With this X570 DARK version, EVGA is finally putting its know-how at the service of the AMD chipset and the AM4 socket. Even if the latter is slowly coming to the end of its life, it’s a real pleasure to see EVGA answering the call of its community which has been asking for a similar model for several years. And if that wasn’t enough, aesthetically the board is a pure delight.

Getting the hand-on is not all obvious. Good knowledge in overclocking is, according to me, necessary in order to take advantage of its full potential. The card has proven to be very efficient and this is the first time we can fully take that much advantage of our B-Die memory kits. So please EVGA gentlemen, don’t leave us out any longer and come back to Europe. Next goal, is to get our hands on a sample of the EVGA Z690 DARK !