Review: DeepCool LT720



We are now at the end of this test of the DeepCool LT720. So, what is this model worth? We take stock of it.

A design as convincing as ever!

With this new LT series, DeepCool continues to offer us watercooling kits with a neat aesthetic… But even more on these models. Indeed, the pump cover evolves to propose several lighting zones with an infinite depth effect. Coupled with a qualitative RGB lighting, it can only give something very nice. Especially since the rest of the kit is well finished. It’s just a pity that the radiator is still so discreet. A more visible DeepCool logo might have been welcome to match the rest.

A simple assembly of the discrete elements!

We quickly come to talk about the mounting system proposed with these kits. In fact, it is identical to that of the LS series except for one… Not two details: the colors of the elements and the screw threads of the magnetic pump. The first one allows to make the kit more discreet once the pump is in place, the second one makes the assembly more pleasant by limiting the risks of losing screws.

DeepCool LT720 éclairage

On the other hand, it is a pity that the brand did not keep the possibility of connecting the fans in series. This would have facilitated cable management within the PC. In return, we have the right to a Y, centralizing the connection of fans on a single fan plug.

The same goes for the thermal paste, for an AIO of this range, a small syringe of paste would have been welcome, so we wouldn’t have to buy more after the first installation.

First class performance!

When we did the readings, we can say that this LT720 surprised us and in a very pleasant way. Thermally, it is positioned opposite the H170i Elite Capellix from Corsair. Despite its smaller size, it holds its own against this large model.

Noise levels remain under control, at least, we do not go into exaggeratedly high levels as with a Core Ocean T38 from Alphacool. However, the noise level at mid-range remains higher than its predecessor, the LS720 which uses different fans. But at low speed, it is silent, especially since the pump remains discreet at all levels.

Price too variable :

[gp_product_box ean=”6933412727927″]

Now only remains to talk about the selling price which is, officially, 144.90 € for this version in 360 mm. In fact, the bill will depend greatly on the store you turn to. In European Amazon, we are between ~145 € and ~165 € (depending on the retailer) and soon on

Clearly, given the benefits, the positioning is very aggressive. As a reminder, an H170i Elite Capellix from Corsair is between ~230 € and ~300 € depending on the dealer. In short, no need to insist that the positioning is good!

DeepCool LT720

We like:
  • The sublime design of its pump!
  • The black mounting elements for more discretion
  • The simple assembly to realize
  • The silent pump at all speeds
  • The silence at low speed
  • The performance in all circumstances!
  • The fact that it ranks at the level of a 420 mm despite its 360 mm format
  • Consistent pricing
We liked less:
  • The radiator a little (too ?) sober
  • The absence of thermal paste in syringe
  • Can be heard at full speed

In the end, we choose to award the platinum to this LT720 from DeepCool. As we have seen, the kit is very efficient without being extremely noisy, it holds its own against the H170i Elite Capellix from Corsair by being more compact. The design is very successful, even if the radiator is still too discreet and the price is consistent. Finally, we could reproach it for being supplied without a syringe of thermal paste and its noise a little pronounced at full speed… But for that, you just have to restrain it a little!

A big thank you to DeepCool !