Review: DeepCool LT720


The temperature/noise ratio

On these graphs of perf/noise ratio, we remind you that the best is to be placed as much as possible on the bottom left of the graph. For the reading, the left most point symbolizes the 12V ventilation, the one in the center the 8V ventilation and the right most point the 5V ventilation.

Températures/bruit 65W

With a CPU consuming 65W, we notice that the LT720 is positioned very aggressively. The kit offers a very good temperature/noise ratio, especially at mid-range, it does as well as a MEG CoreLiquid S360. Likewise, it will only make mincemeat of the H170i Elite Capellix.

Températures/bruit 95W

In 95W, the DeepCool kit is more detached from the MSI kit. However, we notice a clear break in the curve from the mid-range. Beyond that, the curve shows an almost vertical profile. If your processor has a consumption of 95W, it is clearly useless to run the LT720 at full speed. We will reserve this scenario foroverclocking for example.

Températures/bruit 125W

With a consumption of 125W, we feel that the LT720 is better exploited. The curve does not go to the moon as soon as you switch the ventilation to 100%. Again, the kit is in the lead, the H170i Elite Capellix from Corsair not being able to compete. Finally, its only competition will be the LS720 on its low speeds!