Review: DeepCool LT720



Processor at 65W

Despite a more violent 65W profile, this still represents the least stressful phase of this protocol. It allows to highlight the performances obtained with compact/entry-level heatsinks. These results are only indicative for the largest heatsinks (AIO, large dual tower heatsink, etc.).

Températures 65W
To facilitate reading, some values have been rounded off

Big surprise from this LT720 which, in 65W, manages to get to the first place, facing the H170i Elite Capellix from Corsair. DeepCool ‘sAIO is then equal in all its operating modes. It leaves all its competitors behind, even the LS720 , which is almost 2°C behind at low speeds.

Processor at 95W :

Here, our CPU will run at 3.90 GHz constantly and on all its cores. We apply a VCore of 1.375V to obtain a power consumption of about 95W. To simplify the reading of the graph, we may have rounded some values to the nearest integer.

Températures 95W
To facilitate reading, some values have been rounded

With a power consumption of 95W on our Ryzen 7 1700X, we feel that the DeepCool kit does not demerit. Temperatures are again as good as the Corsair 420mm kit. Even at low speeds, the temperatures don’t take off that much. So you can afford to have a pretty beefy CPU while running your kit at low speeds, it’s very appreciable.

125W processor:

Finally, we finish with our 125W profile. Here the heat release is more important, let’s see how our coolings are doing!

Températures 125W
For ease of reading, some values have been rounded off

At 125W, the LT720 once again makes it feel comfortable, even with an old overclocked octo-core CPU. The proof is that the processor does not even reach 61°C while the fan is running at low speed. As soon as you put the whole thing on full blast, you can reach 56°C. In short, a real walk in the park for the DeepCool kit!


Once again, DeepCool manages to offer us a very efficient AIO on the thermal level. As we have seen, it stands up to the Corsair H170i Elite Capellix, even though it is larger since it is 3x 140 mm! With this kit, you can afford tooverclock your processor without suffering too many consequences, especially sound. Likewise, you won’t be afraid to mount it on big power-hungry CPUs.