Review: DeepCool LT720


Installation and RGB

For the installation part, you’ll have to keep your AMD backplate, the manufacturer doesn’t provide one. If you don’t have one anymore, a quick look on eBay should allow you to find one easily.

Preparation of the pump

Before trying to assemble anything, we will have to start by preparing the pump. For this, we will simply screw the mounting arms corresponding to your platform: Intel or AMD. Here, nothing difficult, since they are fixed from the bottom of the pump with a Phillips screwdriver. On the other hand, a little surprise since the threads of the pump are magnetized, there is no risk of losing the screws if you slip during the operation!

Pump assembly

Once the pump is ready to be mounted on the CPU, it’s the motherboard’s turn to receive some preparations. OnIntel, you’ll have to start by removing the backplate from the back of your board and then turning the whole thing over. From the screw threads protruding around the socket, we will thread spacers, smooth in the case of an LGA-115x, ringed with the LGA-1700.

On the AMD side, you will have to remove the original mounting arms of the card to screw spacers on it. Be careful, the ones with the plastic base are for theAM4, the others for the sTRX4/sTR4.

Now that everything is ready, we can proceed to the fixing of the pump, for that, we remove the upper cover. This frees the access to the threads of the backplate on which we position the pump. Finally, it does not remain any more but to screw it via the nuts provided in bundle!

DeepCool LT720 éclairage

Finally, we proceed to the wiring, for this, we will need a three-pinaRGB header to manage the lighting of the pump. The pump itself connects directly to a socket AIO_PUMP on your motherboard.

All that’s left to do is to switch on and enjoy the pump’s lighting, which is frankly very successful. As you can see, several zones with infinite depth effects are present, in short, very nice!