Review: DeepCool LT720


The LT720


In terms of packaging, we find some sober, like the LS720 finally. As we can see, the box is made of cardboard with some green writings/cyan markings. In addition, the set benefits from a white cardboard visor with a reminder of the features and functions.

Inside, we find our watercooling kit protected in a cardboard mold. Again, the fans, pump and radiator are packed in plastic bags. Only the accessory part benefits from yet another cardboard box.

The radiator :

DeepCool LT720 radiateur

Without further ado, we continue with a small tour of the radiator, which, we will not lie, is identical to that of the LS720. Thus, it offers dimensions of 120 (W) x 402 (D) x 27 (H) mm. Its structure also remains unchanged with a total of 12 channels for the circulation of liquid within it. The construction is still made of aluminum. In short, this is a rather classic model because of its thickness. We are far from the 38 mm of the AIO Arctic, Phanteks or even Alphacool with their latest Core Ocean T38.

On the other hand, we salute the construction, very well done. The radiator has a square shape and is painted with a black paint, uniformly applied. On one of the edges, we even find the brand’s logo, although a little discreet. Anyway, it looks good, and we are far from the Asetek kits with their not always very neat radiators.

DeepCool LT720 tuyaux

Concerning the pipes, two 41 cm long tubes join the pump and the radiator. Again, just like the LS kits, this LT720 benefits from two plastic clips to manage the gap between each pipe to take care of the aesthetic aspect. Again, we don’t complain about the finish, as a nice thin nylon sheath covers them. The work is far from being as rough as on the recent Alphacool kits… But it’s not the same price range either.

The waterblock:

Who says new series, also says new design of waterblock. For the occasion, the brand now switches to a totally square and angular cover where the angles were rounded on the LS Series. However, we can distinguish a part with mirror finishes: this is where the aRGB lighting is located. As you can see, the cover is removable, held by magnets. When mounting, it will have to be removed to screw the pump onto the CPU.

DeepCool LT720 couvercle pompe

In terms of size, it is also larger than the previous series. Thus, the pump block of the LT720 is 94 mm wide, 80 mm deep and 68 mm high. The connectivity remains simple since it is composed of two cables, the first one with three pins that will connect to an AIO_PUMP header of your motherboard. The second one will be aRGB, with three pins and will start from the cover, its objective, to allow the management of the light.

Once again, we find a non-nickel-plated copper base. On this last one appears pre-applied thermal paste. Unfortunately it will be for single use only, once mounted, it will be necessary to buy a syringe of paste if we wish to reassemble it after disassembly.

DeepCool LT720 base pompe

Again, the copper base is screwed to the rest of the pump. To hold it in place, DeepCool opts for a dozen Torx head screws. That’s all it takes to hold this 5.3 cm x 5.3 cm base in place. By the way, don’t worry, normally it should cover mainstream CPUs from Intel andAMD without any trouble. However, for Threadrippers, it’s a bit more complicated.


With the LT720, DeepCool ensures exemplary compatibility since the vast majority of recent platforms are compatible:

  • Intel : LGA-1100 – LGA-1200 – LGA-1700 – LGA-2000
  • AMD: sTRX4 – sTR4 – AM5 – AM4

As we can see, the kit will fit on all platforms currently on the market. It is even compatible with high-end sockets such as LGA-2000 andAMD sTRX4, which is not obvious… Although the pump will not cover the entire CPUIHS.


Who says watercooling kit in 360 mm, also says three fans in 120 mm. And for this, the company provides a trio of FK120 that we already met during the test of the AK500, a large aircooling fan.

Here, there are no surprises, as we once again find sober, not to say minimalist, fans. They offer a square frame, without embellishment with rubberized silent blocks at the four corners. The blades are nine in number, thin at the base, but rather wide at the tip. The curvature is also quite important. Finally, the power supply is done via a flat and black PWM cable of 25 cm length.

DeepCool LT720 ventilateurs FK120

By looking at the data sheet, we learn that they benefit from a PWM power supply. Their speed range is between 500 rpm and 2250 rpm, so they are a bit faster than theAK500 mill. The announced airflow is 85.85 CFM and the static pressure is 3.27 mmAq.


DeepCool LT720 bundle

As for the accessories, we find something complete since the brand offers :

  • An assembly manual and a safety guide
  • A backplate for Intel sockets
  • A splitter to connect the three fans to a single socket
  • Mounting arms for Intel and AMD platforms
  • All the screws and bolts needed to install the kit!

Here, no big difference concerning the accessories part in front of the LS720. The main nuance will be at the level of the provided connectivity which disappears in favor of a Y for the connection of the fans. Here, the fans of the LT720 are not connected in series as was the case for its predecessor. On the other hand, the mounting elements are more neat since the mounting arms are completely black, so more discreet.

Roughly speaking:

With this LT720, we find a watercooling kit rather convincing on paper. Indeed, it offers a nice finish with a design that looks promising, especially in terms of lighting. Now we just have to see what it looks like on the installation side.