Review: Corsair XTM70 Thermal paste


The Corsair XTM70:

The Corsair XTM70 is sold in a cardboard packaging, with the colors of the brand. On the front, there is a picture of the product and on the back, its technical information.

Inside, we have the thermal paste tube coming with its bundle composed of three wipes, two applicator films and a spatula. The bundle is very nice and the packaging is entirely made of cardboard, so easy recycling.

For the syringe, we will notice the opening on the side of the syringe, allowing to see the remaining level. One point to note is that this tube seems to contain more than 3g of thermal paste. Unlike the purple cryofuze from Cooler Master, here we have three times as much thermal paste for a volume only 50% larger.


Regarding the specifications of this paste, we are on a density of 2.7g/ml. This is the only information, too bad we don’t have at least the viscosity. Here are the tables of the different thermal pastes tested on our configuration. The XTM70 is therefore the most expensive paste tested to date for an equivalent volume.

KFA² TG-001 & TG-002 Tableau Corsair XTM70 Specs