Review : Corsair AF120 Elite




It is now time to conclude about the Corsair AF120 Elite fan. So, does it have what it takes to find its place in your PC? We tell you all about it!

A sober fan!

The least we can say is that with Corsair fans, we find something very sober. The mill displays a simple design, all in black and without RGB lighting. The detractors of lights in all directions, will be delighted, especially since there will be no additional cable to manage.

However, the accessory part is perhaps a bit sparse, out of the instructions and screws, there is nothing … Perhaps that siliconized nipples to Noctua or a resistor would have been welcome.

Honorable performance !

Corsair AF120 Elite

In terms of performance, the Corsair fan does not do too badly compared to its two competitors. We will remember a good holding of the temperatures on its low speeds. On the other hand, although not catastrophic, this model proved to be noisier than its opponents.

A rather steep price !

Regarding the selling price, Corsair positions its mill at 23.90 €. A pricing that can be tricky if we consider the offer of Arctic with its BioniX sold 13 € / unit. The Swiss fans hold their own against Corsair‘s model at low speeds, but lose the advantage at high speeds.

Corsair AF120 Elite

We like:
  • The sober and uncluttered design
  • The limited connectivity
  • Temperatures that do not soar too high at low rpm
  • Quiet at low rpm in solo mode
We liked less:
  • The poor accessory part
  • The noise is generally higher than the competition
  • The price can be tricky

At the end of the race, we choose to award the silver to this AF120 Elite from Corsair. Certainly the performances are globally good, especially in front of Thermaltake‘s offer, however, we will note a rather high price and a noise slightly more pronounced than the fans of the comparison… Especially since it will have to deal with a poor accessory part. Otherwise, you will have the right to sober fans, well built and, in absolute, rather quiet at low speed.

A big thank you to Corsair!