Review : be quiet! DC2 PRO Thermal Paste



We are coming to the end of this test. With its DC2 PRO, be quiet! encroaches on Thermal Grizzly’s territory with its Conductonaut. The performance is of course better than conventional thermal paste, but it will have to be tested on its preferred territory, i.e. on CPU or GPU die. An update will be put online once the GTX 780 is equipped with a nickel-plated waterblock for this purpose.

As a reminder, this thermal paste is available for 11.99 € for 1g.

be quiet! DC2 PRO

We liked :

  • The recyclable cardboard packaging
  • The performance
  • The excellent holding in long load (ideal on GPU?)

We would have liked :

  • An even more aggressive price

médaille award OMF or goldWith its DC2 PRO, be quiet! encroaches on the territory of the Conductonaut from thermal Grizzly. Having had these two products in my hands, it is easy to say that there is no noticeable difference in their uses. This DC2 PRO is therefore an excellent challenger in this field even if we will have to test more liquid metal thermal pastes to decide.