Review : be quiet! DC2 PRO Thermal Paste



Let’s now have a look at the results and impressions of this be quiet! DC2 PRO thermal paste. We start with the application of this paste, for the use on IHS CPU, it is rather dangerous, it will be necessary to consider a use in direct die or after delid. In our case, we used Kapton to protect the aluminum frame. The liquid metal was spread on the surface of the IHS and the waterblock.

The liquid metal must not come into contact with aluminum, so the application on copper is mandatory at least, but it is also not recommended. It is therefore preferable to use nickel-plated copper surfaces for its application.

Results on CPU:

Unsurprisingly, this DC2 PRO rises to the top of the ranking without any trouble. However, even if the results on IHS CPU are quite convincing, its application and the potential danger for the components do not make it a wise choice. You will have to go through the delid box to use it on CPU or GPU and take precautions in terms of protection.

The measurements were made with water between 27°C and 28°C and a flow rate of 210 L/h. Here are the details of the best measurements on 3 readings per thermal paste.

It should be noted that due to a lack of thermal paste, the Kingpin Cooling KPX, Noctua NT-H2 and Cooler Master Cryofuze Violet could not be retested with the new protocol. These are noted with a “/” and are grayed out in the results. Compared to the previous protocol with the 12900KS, we have here much smaller temperature differences. However, the best thermal pastes remain at the top of the table. Here is the old table of results on the 12900KS, which gives a greater sensitivity to the previous pastes tested.