Review : be quiet! DC2 PRO Thermal Paste


The Be Quiet! DC2 PRO:

The DC2 PRO from be quiet! is provided in an unpainted cardboard packaging. Note that only the writing is painted and that there is no plastic seal on the packaging. be quiet! limits its environmental impact on this product, a good point.

Inside, we have the thermal paste tube, instructions, nozzle, two cotton swabs and cleaning wipes. Here, no glue was used for the packaging.

For the thermal paste tube, we have a black label with the name of the paste and the brand on the back. No visual on the level of paste which is a shame.

Concerning the specifications of this DC2 PRO from be quiet!, we are on a thermal conductivity of 80 W/m.K. We have no information on the density or viscosity. We know however the composition which is 55% Gallium, 30% Indium and 15% tin. Below are the tables of the different thermal pastes tested on our configuration.