Review: AORUS Z790 Tachyon


The last word:

Without making puns on this last page, I am still a bit disappointed because this AORUS Z790 Tachyon has everything to please. Now, as I mentioned when overclocking the DDR5, maybe it’s me and my less accomplished knowledge of the AORUS BIOS that limits my results a bit since some overclockers have already managed to reach 8400 MT/s. Apart from that, the card gave us full satisfaction and we feel the work done by Hi Cookie on the design but also on the work done within the BIOS. We can clearly see the very positive evolution since the first version of the Tachyon based on the Z590 chipset.

As the card is not yet available for the general public, which is getting impatient, we should see more results coming out later and therefore more exchanges on the different parameters used by the different users. We also like the fact that the card has very quickly created its own trademark with a design that does not look like any other card. As soon as we receive a decent Intel Core i9-13900KS, the card will get a little LN2 bath.

Good news as well since AMD AM5 owners will not be left out since AORUS will also offer a B650E Tachyon version as we mentioned in this brief. No date or information on availability or price are known yet.

AORUS Z790 Tachyon

We liked:

  • A high-performance power stage
  • The possibility to use high capacity and high frequency memory
  • LN2 mode for testing under liquid nitrogen
  • The presence of two BIOS
  • Automatic DDR5overclocking for beginners
  • 3 additional profiles for CPU overclocking in the BIOS
  • Tools” inserted on the PCB to facilitate extreme overclocking
  • The presence of two PS/2 slots for clocking under XP
  • The availability of an XOC BIOS
  • A design specific to this “Tachyon” series

We would have liked :

  • Faster availability than the competition, as the card is still not available today
  • An easier handling of the DDR5 overclocking

médaille award OMF or goldWith this Z790 Tachyon, AORUS and their engineering team continue to do a great job on their XOC model. We’re glad to see that several brands continue to offer models for overclockers. It is still intended for an informed public who is aware that it will require more time than the competition to be tamed in terms of memory overclocking. For the rest, nothing to report, it does the job! Thanks to AORUS for sending us a copy of this Z790 Tachyon.